Auction Cause Team

Eric Gazin, President
Eric is the President and founder of Auction Cause and also Gazin Auctions, both of which produce high-profile brand and cause marketing online auction events. With personal management experience in over $30 million in eBay auction sales and over 50,000 listings, Eric is a sought-after writer, commentator, lecturer, and instructor on everything related to brands, celebrities, cause marketing, social media, and online auctions.  Eric’s Full Bio

Jody Stange, Executive Vice President
As EVP for Auction Cause, Jody is responsible for client management, auction consulting, and design concepts.  Jody’s history with eBay dates back to the company’s infancy in the 1990’s, where Jody was a both a buyer and seller, allowing him to understand, adapt and capitalize on the growth and innovations over time.  Jody’s Full Bio

The rest of the Auction Cause team
From brand managers, award winning web designers, customer service executives, videographers, and smattering of web gurus, Auction Cause has assembled the brightest and most experienced team in the industry. If you are an exceptionally skilled person with experience in public relations, media, web design, eBay sales, digital photography, social media, or application development and are interested in joining a fun, creative, and fast paced company, then we’d like to hear from you.  Contact Us