VIDEO AS A MARKETING TOOL: A personal message delivered via video is a very effective communication tool for a brand or celebrity to utilize for connecting with consumers and driving interest in their project. Below are examples of the celebrities and sports heroes who have used multimedia to communicate with their Auction Cause campaign.

Sienna Miller Auctions


Tony Hawk Dodge Challenger


Lunch with Evangeline Lilly


Giada De Laurentiis


Colin Firth


Scarlett Johansson


LaLa Vazquez


The Way We Wore


Evangeline Lilly Lingerie


A date with Kristin Davis


Gastineau Girls


Ludacris Harley-Davidson


Tom Hanks


Faith Hill & Tim McGraw Jeep


Sharon Stone


Kim Kardashian


Jonas Brothers


Christian Vande Velde


Joe Theismann


Ronaldinho Gaucho


$100,000 Fairlight Keyboard