In an effort to better serve our clients Auction Cause has teamed up with the #1 celebrity booking agency in North America, to add celebrity outreach and procurement to our list of client services. Established in 1988, the agency has long established relationships within the celebrity community. As a result, Auction Cause can provide celebrity related services to its clients which include the following:

  • Celebrity Target Lists to Match Specific Causes/Issues/Concerns
  • Celebrity Outreach (often direct)
  • Procurement of Items and Experiences to be Auctioned
  • Corporate-Cause Related Celebrity Negotiations and Contract Liaison
  • Celebrity Spokesperson Recruitment
  • Celebrity Public Relations Activities (e.g. Satellite Media Tours, Talk Show Appearances, Media Interviews, etc.)
  • Celebrity Personal Appearances
  • Celebrity Honorary Advisory Boards
  • Celebrity Social Media Engagement
  • Celebrity Driven Videos